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 GBW3 unit status screen + maybe other things. (Size. 56K?)

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Master Knight DH

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PostSubject: GBW3 unit status screen + maybe other things. (Size. 56K?)   Tue Dec 04, 2007 3:01 am

I think the top is talking about how to view how to view more information (done with moving the cursor Up or Down, then pressing A for a sub-screen). Sorry, I don't know much JP. But I have known enough to be able to get around in this game.

So here we go.

-Picture (yusou heri, sora YUNITTO - Transport Helicopter, Air Unit) - information about the unit. Unfortunately, it's in Japanese. There is something not in Japanese, however: price tags in both Gold and Materials. (You have to have enough of each, and you can't convert one to the other. To get Materials, control Factories. Yes, Factories give you Materials, instead of Gold.) Bear in mind that not all units are buyable (namely the S and Mercenary units can't be bought) but the price tags can still be nice to know for repairs.
-Movement (idou ryoku - Movement Power) - the unit's movement costs. No, those 1.5s you see are not a mistake; in fact, they're used in various places where the AW Movement Costs in the same place was most likely two, some even at three. Just beware that helicopters have a Movement Cost of 1.5 for mountains. And yes, some land units can even cross mountains and/or rivers. Anyway, if you press A, you'll go to the information screen of the terrain the cursor was next to.
-Fuel (saidai nenryou - Maximum Fuel) - details of how Fuel works. All in Japanese, again, although at least it's nothing you won't be familiar with (except for an easy detail that sea units DON'T use fuel and therefore won't automatically die). If the unit is an air unit, you'll get to see its daily fuel cost.
-Weapons (names vary) - the game will tell you the ATK ratings and resupply cost for each round of ammo. The ATK rating that is used depends on the enemy's unit category, which is shown in this order: Unarmored Unit (infantry or military-modified variants of normal vehicles), Armored Unit (all other land units, which is indirects, tanks, and APCs), Air Unit (self explanatory; has both planes and helicopters), Sea Unit (ships), and Submarine (self-explanatory). The resupply gold cost is shown, but bear in mind that the Constructor's "shizai" "weapon" (shizai means materials) costs 1M each. So bear that, and the definitely possible loss of later combat power, in mind before altering the terrain to your liking. Suppliers' supplies also count as "weapons" that are always used at one "ammo" each so be sure to distribute wisely.
-Initiative (INISHIATIBU - Initiative) - how Initiative works. Sadly, they're in Japanese. However, the sub-screen will also give you the unit's Initiative Cost. In case you don't know what Initiative is for, it's used to determine attack order, by truncating in 10s--and yes, if both units have the same 10s digit when combat happens, they both fire before getting hit and take damage as if they were attacked first. (Unfortunately, the game doesn't give a boost to the attacking unit's Initiative. Ugh.) Initiative Cost is how much Initiative is reduced for each space (not point of Movement Power) the unit moves. Mainly, watch out for cars, the Tank Destroyer, and air units when Initiative is the primary concern. Bear in mind that the TD's Initiative drops like a lead weight if that's any help. IMPORTANT: the cursor color indicates attack order from safest to most dangerous: blue for first strike, white for simultaneous attack, red for ambush. (You can also look in the combat stats screen by pressing Start while targeting, but the attack order is in Japanese there.)
-Transport (tousai - Loading) - main screen shows the number of units that can be Loaded, sub-screen shows what units can be Loaded. Most of this should be known or easily figured; here's the other things to know: Transport Planes can load any Unarmored Units but not Armored Units; and Aircraft Carriers can load most air units, but can't load any of the non-jet planes.
-Promote (shinka - Progress) - information about Promotion, in Japanese. Useless tidbit: Pressing A here would change to the promoted unit's status screen.
-DEF (bougyo ryoku - Defense Power) - DEF ratings based on the opposing unit's Unit Category, in the same order as the weapons.
-Resupply/Repair (hokyuu & hojuu - Supply & Refill) - shows which units and properties can resupply the unit, and then which units and properties can repair the unit. (The Aircraft Carrier repairs any loaded units.)
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Kyle Kurosaki

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PostSubject: Re: GBW3 unit status screen + maybe other things. (Size. 56K?)   Tue Dec 04, 2007 3:15 am

what in god's name is this???????????
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Battle Copter

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PostSubject: Re: GBW3 unit status screen + maybe other things. (Size. 56K?)   Tue Dec 04, 2007 5:33 am

It's Advance Wars before it was on GBA, and that's Japan only.

Looks cool.
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Battle Copter

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PostSubject: Re: GBW3 unit status screen + maybe other things. (Size. 56K?)   Tue Dec 04, 2007 10:06 pm

Yes It Does!

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PostSubject: Re: GBW3 unit status screen + maybe other things. (Size. 56K?)   

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GBW3 unit status screen + maybe other things. (Size. 56K?)
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