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AWDR Competition Room
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Sock Island

Lander Tactics

Split Strait

Shield Reef

Mountain Pass

WTF Silos?!

Stormy Days

Blue Star (2P)

Metal Gear Lander (Variety)

Blue Moon Factory (Variety)

Click here for the Situation Room ROM Hack scoreboard.

Rules for score submission:
-Submit scores obtained in Advance Wars, Advance Wars 2, Advance Wars DS and Advance Wars: Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict. We accept records completed in an un-modified ROM OR the actual cartridge. NO ROM hacks.
-AWDS scores must be obtained using only ONE CO and NO force skills.
-Proof of your score is optional but highly recommended. A video of at least the end of the battle will suffice. We reserve the right to request proof of your score.
-NO CHEATING! Your score will be taken down if you are suspected of cheating.
-Settings for all maps are as follows (unless noted otherwise): Fog is off, funds are 1,000 , COPs are on, and for DoR/DC, Level Ups are off.

How to make a "Pipeline" in Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict: Use plasma where pipes are. If you need to make a "Pipe seam", place a meteor where the seam is, and place fires on each side of the meteor so that when the meteor is destroyed the plasma doesn't disappear.