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 Greetings, all

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Age : 27
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Job/hobbies : computer games, drawing, ADVANCE AWARRING
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Greetings, all Empty
PostSubject: Greetings, all   Greetings, all Icon_minitimeThu Sep 30, 2010 10:42 pm


Sorry about my LATE intro, as i've been busy during the last month, but anyways, my name is TechRush, and Advance wars is my favourite emula- *ahem!* GBA game in the world. I love to create my own maps and I hope to one day create my own hack of this game Smile.

I'm also a BIG fan of RTS games, regularly playing many known titles such as Warcraft, Supcom, Command and Conquer.
I also enjoying drawing, fiddling with 3d modelling software and photoshop.

Pleased to meet you all.

Fav CO: Kanbei
Fav tactic: neotank/bomber rush - even in lower property maps
Fav Advance wars map: Rival islands

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Battle Copter

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PostSubject: Re: Greetings, all   Greetings, all Icon_minitimeFri Oct 01, 2010 6:04 pm

Hello TechRush Smile

I've created a hack of AW2 before. It's easy IF you know how to do it. Wars World News has plenty of info, and you can ask me if you have any questions as well.

Rival I usually play on custom maps so I dunno which not-custom map would be my favorite. Probably Deep Defense, just because of how stupid it looks.

See also:
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Greetings, all
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