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 Crack Squad Co-Op - strategy (BW2)

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PostSubject: Crack Squad Co-Op - strategy (BW2)   Fri Feb 06, 2009 4:08 pm

Well, this is the strategy I recommend.

Enemy groupFrontierRecommended UnitSolar EmpireRecommended unit
2 Acid Vets + Several GruntsUse caution, watch for and attack Recon reinforcementBazookaKill Acid Vets, watch out for Recon reinforcementAssault
Radar Array FortAttack Light Tank at the west entrance, destroy MG Tower from the west entrance, then break through the east entrance to destroy Radar ArrayBazookaBreak through the west entrance, free the POWs, and attack the Gunship reinforcementAssault
Fuel Refinery Fort (Part 1)Support attack against any Acid Vets, watch out for a Recon reinforcementBazookaBait out the Gunships, then wipe out the Acid VetsAA, then Assault
Fuel Refinery Fort (Part 2)Free the Light Tank POWs, then hold against the Recon reinforcements from the northBazooka, then Light TankSupport; wipe out any leftover infantryAssault, then Light Tank
Munitions Dump Fort (Part 1)North route--wipe out any more Recon reinforcements, leave infantry near the FR Fort entrance, kill all the infantry along the way as well as the Recon reinforcement, and then summon all infantry to the areaLight TankSouth route--take out the Bazooka Vets along the way, and the Light Tank if necessary, and then get to the entrance of the MD FortLight Tank
Munitions Dump Fort (Part 2)Trigger the counterattack, then move in and break throughLight TankWait for the counterattack to get triggered, then move in and break throughLight Tank
Helipad (Part 1)Let SE go aheadLight TankDestroy the GunshipsAA
Helipad (Part 2)Wipe out all remaining defensesLight TankWipe out all remaining defensesLight Tank

The idea for taking care of the Munitions Dump is to flank the enemies inside, and make sure that the tanks (preferably 2 of them) have to attack the Frontier, who will, obviously, have their Bazooka vets ready to thin their numbers. If the Solar Empire has to fight off 2 or all 3 of the tanks (hopefully not), the Frontier can quickly get in, then back-attack the west front tanks. All 3 tanks against the Frontier means that the SE can go in and erase all of the infantry buggers as well as back attack the tanks--but Frontier will also have to be careful so that its tank doesn't die.
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Crack Squad Co-Op - strategy (BW2)
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