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 Nemesis (CO)

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Age : 24
Location : Black Hole (Base)
Job/hobbies : Surpreme Commander of Black Hole
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PostSubject: Nemesis (CO)   Nemesis (CO) Icon_minitimeSun Mar 30, 2008 1:57 am

Done because well shifty did something like this so i decided to do the same, mostly cause well I like following the crowd XD
Nemesis (CO) Nemesis_render
CO Info: The Undead Bio-Organic Weapon developed by the Umbrella company...somehow the umbrella sided with or got ont he side of black hole and after reviving nemesis after its previous failure/death nemesis kidnapped the presidents daughter then escaping wars world where it joined black hole in the quest to conquer and destroy.

Hit: Killing, Starrrrrssssssssss, Destroying.
Miss: Jill, Starrrrrrrssssssss, being hit/hurt repediatly.

Skill: Zombification, All units have a +30 average for damage dealt, but moving capabilities are minus 1, defense is also +30, think of them as zombies almost...only living XD

Power Bar: 5 little stars, 5 Big stars

Nemesis unleashes his anger and rage and randomly attacks 1/4 of the enemy units doing 5 damage, no matter the special ability or condition.

Nemesis unleashes the uninmaginable super strength and capabilities built into him as he attacks 1/2 of the enemy's army with painful blows and implations....this does 5 damage to the enemies hurt but if the ones he had used his COP on are hit with his SCOP then they'll be killed, so ya main differnce from his COP is that he can Kill with this SCOP.

Quote: "STttttttAAAAAaaaRrrrrsssssss..."
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Nemesis (CO)
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