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 Sludge (CO)

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PostSubject: Sludge (CO)   Sludge (CO) Icon_minitimeSat Mar 29, 2008 11:12 pm

Sludge is the mysterious black pile up of ooziums created by Melanthe to assist shadow and the rest of the group during missions, he has a strange attachment to ooziums and loves to command over them in battles, he also has a habit of slurring his speech, no one knows melanthe's true purpose for creating this strange being besides to help the group.

Hit: Ooziums, Absorbing, Shapeshifting.
Miss: Losing his ooziums, being cornered.

Skill: All Ooziums in his army get +1 extra field vision in FOW, and they can move 2 to 3 spaces depending on the terrain.

Power Meter: 2 little stars, 3 big stars.

COP: Brothers by ooze.
All of sludge's ooziums can fuse with one or two nearby ooziums to form bigger ooziums capable of much more destruction, and can move 5 spaces, however with each space they move they lose 1 HP (though when they split there normal), and normal soldiers and all get a standard stat boost. this only works for 1 day of course though

SCOP: Tsunami of Absorbtion
Sludge channels all his oozium might together, as the three rows closest to the HQ are consumed by waves of oozium destroying anything cauhgt in it (including properties, and allied units) however the line of panels that are on the same row as the HQ arent effected. while this gives soldiers a stat boost its very deadly to both sides of the field and shoudlnt normally be used unless desperate.

Quote: "GYYyyyyyeeeeEEEEEE??"
NOTE: This sludge refers to the one im using in this project with Shifty, not this one i made for a original campaign of mine.
NOTE 2: normally sludge uses his copy ability to shape shift into anotehr CO and uses there skills and Powers, so its very rare to fight Sludge in his normal form.
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Sludge (CO)
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