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 The Great Marsh Land

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The Great Marsh Land Empty
PostSubject: The Great Marsh Land   The Great Marsh Land Icon_minitimeSun Jan 13, 2008 5:50 am

The Great Marsh Land TheGreatMarshLand

It's all countries against each other in a melee style tactics battle! Which is held on a vast choke-point happy marsh, which also features overly done terrain features scattered across the field. The rules are simple: Each army has a unit they need to defend, if said unit is destroyed, that nation is out. Conventional terms still apply: Route the enemy or capture the HQ to win!

Fog of War is optional, it can be on or off.

So here we go:

Orange Star: Protect your T-Copter. Losing it means defeat.

Blue Moon: Protect your B-Copter. Losing it means defeat.

Green Earth: Protect your Artillery. Losing it means instant loss.

Yellow Comet: Protect your Anti-Air Unit. Destruction results a dishonorable defeat.

Black Hole: Defend your Rockets. Instant loss if they are destroyed.

Decide how you are going to survive and achieve victory, then move out!
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The Great Marsh Land
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