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 How to score yourself

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How to score yourself Empty
PostSubject: How to score yourself   How to score yourself Icon_minitimeFri Dec 14, 2007 8:47 pm

Ever wanted to know how well you've done a map rather than knowing you actually did the map? Here's how to determine your score:

Power: Chances are you have entirely the wrong idea about this if you haven't been told how it works. It has *NOTHING* to do with the number of enemy units you destroy over the course of the mission. Instead, it has to do with the number of enemy units you destroy *in a single turn*. If you destroy at least 10% of the total enemy units in one turn, you get full points here. (That's rounded up - if there are 21 enemies total, you need to destroy three in one turn.)

Technique: Most people have a rough idea for this one. Technique is based on the percentage of units you lose over the course of a mission. If at least 10% of the units you built are kept alive, you get perfect technique. You'll need to manually keep track of units built/destroyed for this one. Although AWDS does tell you how many units you built/lost.

Speed: Obviously this is how many turns it took to finish the map. Mapmakers will have to decide the turn limit for their map. All AW games tell you how many days it took so you're good there.

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How to score yourself
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