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 I just tried this on emulator and here's what I think

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Battle Copter

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PostSubject: I just tried this on emulator and here's what I think   Tue Dec 11, 2007 6:12 am

Gameboy Wars After playing with it for awhile, I've found that it's significantly different from Advance Wars. There are things about it that I like, but then there are things that I don't like.

First of all, all the Gameboy Wars games are played on a hex grid rather than a square grid. I'm not comfortable with hex grids very much. I guess because you have to pay attention to 6 adjacent squares at once rather than four. There's that AND there's the fact that in order to build units you need money AND materials. More complications, meh.

What DO I like about GBW3 though? Well, GBW3 was the first wars game to have a map editor, and after toying around with it I wonder why AWDS doesn't have the innovations GBW3 has. First of all, GBW3 can store TEN custom maps. TEN. AND you can change the map size from as little as 20x20 to as large as 50x50. Why they couldn't do that on a DS cartridge is beyond me. And I've hacked AW2: the save file DOESN'T compress the map data like the ROM does. So what was the problem?!

GBW3 was also the first to have a Campaign. Yeah, yeah, there were no COs back then, but there was a storyline, and that's good enough for me. GBW3 actually has 3 campaigns: Beginner mode, which is the tutorial I think, (NOTICE HOW IT'S SEPARATE FROM THE ACTUAL CAMPAIGN! LIKE IN AW1 BUT NOT AW2 OR AWDS!) Campaign mode, which is the real thing with a map screen to look at, and finally, Standard mode, which is...I think...a one-player VS mode?

I dunno. I only started playing like 30 minutes ago. So maybe I'll figure this out as I go along. But I do like it so far. More than Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, anyways.
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Kyle Kurosaki

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PostSubject: Re: I just tried this on emulator and here's what I think   Tue Dec 11, 2007 5:59 pm

FFTA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Battle Copter

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PostSubject: Re: I just tried this on emulator and here's what I think   Tue Dec 11, 2007 8:32 pm

Mark999 wrote:
I dunno. I only started playing like 30 minutes ago. So maybe I'll figure this out as I go along. But I do like it so far. More than Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, anyways.
I should try it myself. When I get a free moment.

Advance Wars Kicks Ass!
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Master Knight DH

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PostSubject: Re: I just tried this on emulator and here's what I think   Wed Dec 12, 2007 4:38 am

Materials is intended to prevent players from abusing units on either extreme: Infantry by making them munch up too much to be worth abusing as meatshields, and units like the IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle, the one with the Anti-Tank missiles, treads, and ability to load infantry) by causing them in poor deployment to be basically your entire army no matter how much money you make. At the same time, higher tier units benefit because they won't have to worry about being raped by infantry surrounding, and lower tier ones don't suffer much so their low money cost is still helping them out.

As for the hex grid, well, it's been around in GBW1, 2, and Turbo, the first of which was made by Intelligent Systems. Plus at least the opponent has to worry about the extra liberties too. And while the hex grid idea should be optional if in any future installments, it's not a bad idea. It was done in Nectaris, which provided inspiration to the GBW series, as shown with the Battery in GBW1/2/Turbo. And it was done in Battle for Wesnoth, which still adopts a Keep It Simple Sonny basis despite being even less simple, with level 0 units (the equivalent of Infantry) not being able to use Zone of Control for blocking enemy units.

Speaking of stuff in Battle for Wesnoth, there's another thing GBW3 has in common with it (even though BfW was officially released later): units being possible to carry over through Campaign maps. Here, they can be Arranged for free at the appropriate properties near the player's Capital (no more than 3 spaces away). And certain units at S Rank can promote, which is optional but can only be done before they can be Arranged.

Here's how many of each I recommend in Campaign Mode, recommended promotion being done when possible:
*Infantry - 3 - despite the reduced importance of gold and materials in Campaign Mode, Infantry are still useful for the sole purpose of taking properties, allowing better Arrangement, control of more repair hotspots, and reduced enemy deployment at the endgame. But more than 4 infantry is unnecessary, and a waste of perfectly good unit room; some maps may actually expect you to have the full 50 units.
*Mech - 1 - another infantry, but more useful. The Mech can stack-load (which is far more useful than in the AW games, thanks to Loading here working similar to in Super Robot Wars) and javelin-fire to give a much needed smacking to an enemy unit.
*Constructor - 2 - of course, once you have control of repair hotspots, boosting their strength ratings would help. Units getting repaired faster means frontline units retaining more power. Also, the Constructor can build Simple Airports for air units to go back to quickly when their fuel supply dwindles. Which is bound to happen a good deal.
*Supply Truck - 1 + 1 promoted - the promoted Supply Truck is cripplingly slower (one Movement Power, yes, but look at the Movement Costs and you'd see any drop from 6 hurts), but at least carries more supplies. You want two to keep your land units and helicopters constantly stocked: a fast one to get the job done for a bit, and a loaded one to handle the pressure later on.
*Transport Truck - 1, promoted - speedy Infantry transport. Need I say more? And it can be Loaded on a Transport Plane. And it definitely improves via promotion, as a plausible, though hands down the worst, anti-air land unit.
*Combat Buggy - 2, both promoted - why two? Car killing? Well, not quite. You want two because the Combat Buggy promotes into a unit with Anti-Tank Missiles AND 25 Initiative. And you can load it onto a Transport Plane. Here's a trick: move a Transport Plane with a Combat Buggy S two spaces from a unit to target with it (ideally with the inbetween position being the ideal attack spot), then move the Combat Buggy S off and right onto the inbetween spot (it won't work with other spots; the Combat Buggy S's Initiative Cost is too high), have it attack, and watch the fireworks while not having to worry about the Combat Buggy S. This is good for ruining AA defenses in a hurry and allowing an effective en-masse air raid. Don't worry about the reduced firepower against cars/infantry, you already would want units that can handle them.
*Battle Car - 1, promoted - yep, only one, but promote it. Its promoted form has no particular strengths, but it has no particular weaknesses either. With or without the Transport Plane Loading, the Battle Car S can be a decent bit of help. It's even able to wreck an Attacker S in particular conditions, without so much as a scratch from the ambush. Simply put, use it to repel land and air strikes alike.
*APC - 0, period - the APC is badly gimped, though surprisingly not because of its own design, so much as the IFV being overpowered at its tasks. (No, APCs do not resupply units here. In fact, they never do in any of the Japan-only games of the series.) And the APC S is a joke; everything it can do that helps, the IFV can do better. Maybe build it if it's needed for the All Unit Medal (any details known about only via hacking), but if in the likely case it is, what was Hudson thinking?
*Rocket Launcher - 1 + 1 promoted, or both promoted - useful to kill off those damn infantry that are built just to upset the player. And wrecking enemy Battle Car Ss is a plus, reducing their threat rating in a hurry and making extra EXP from them easier to get for most land units. Whether to promote a second Rocket Launcher is up to you; just bear in mind the Movement Power reduction from 5 to 4.
*AA Tank - 3 - let me get this out of the way right now: ANTI-AIR DEFENSES IS A MUST IN A CAMPAIGN! If you don't have them, predeployed air forces will make your life very, very miserable. Anti-Air Tanks are needed to stop them in their tracks. They're the only units with the Air ATK and DEF necessary to throw them off. For this reason, 3 are recommended.
*AA Missile Launcher - 1 + 1 promoted, or both promoted - I'll repeat what I said in how many AA Tanks I recommend, ANTI-AIR DEFENSES IS A MUST IN A CAMPAIGN! AA Tanks are the shield of the defense; the AA Missile Launchers provide the lance, by shooting down the air units that are attacking. As for promotion, definitely promote the first one, but consider on promotion, which reduces Movement Power from 5 to 4.
*Artillery - 1 + 1 promoted - 1 + 1 promoted - hassling those tanks that want to tear up your land forces. I needn't say more. Promote the first one, but DO NOT promote the second one, as the Artillery's mobility sucks and promotion will ruin its ability to get through Forests--and yes, it still has a Movement Cost of 2 in Forests even though the Transport Truck and Combat Buggy have a Movement Cost of 1.5 there when they still move faster.
*IFV - 1 promoted - infantry transport unit. And it can live in combat too. With its defense, most units are incapable of OHKing it, especially when it's promoted and leveled up. Better yet, it has Anti Tank missiles, ranged when promoted. A worthwhile frontliner that warrants being placed on one of the Landers.
*Tank Destroyer - 1 promoted - this unit is ironically better against unarmored units than against armored ones. But hey. 24 Initiatve with armor can't be all bad. When promoted, the Initiative Cost isn't an issue against armored stuff anymore because the Tank Destroyer gets range-fire against them.
*Main Battle Tank - 1 - defense to the max. Is the defense powerful enough to constitute the high money cost? Yes it is, due to the way defense boosts are handled here, which is as a subtraction factor from the final result, meaning it's hard to scratch on Forests and/or leveled up where an S Rank Infantry on a Capital dies from a single AA Tank bullet barrage. Keep it from being surrounded or hit by air units and it's staying alive and effective for a while when leveled up.
*Fighter - 2 A, 2 S (get S by promoting B) - the two Fighter As are around as Jeigan units for the Fighter Bs. This isn't so bad here as it would be in Fire Emblem; Fighter As still at least can hit land units once the Fighter Bs promote, and their fuel supplies actually last a bit longer. But you need two Fighter Ss as interceptors to wreck any Fighter Ss the enemy force may have predeployed. (This is noteworthy in Bissum Desert (map 36), where you'd have to remember to keep a perimeter set up to keep your Fighter Ss from being swatted themselves when you'd have to use them to attack.)
*Attacker - 2 A, 1 B, 2 S (get S by promoting B) - the two Attacker As would be the classic SFW Attackers that have limited ammo, but use it nicely. The two Attacker Ss are simply the classic Bombers, although with HIGH defense (since they can't fight back against air units anyway) and ignoring Zone of Control's movement restrictions (but not combat effects). And the Attacker B? The all-around car killer, need I say more? Of course, car killers should be out and about anyway, but more OHK ability to them would deter their annoyance level.
*Strategic Bomber - 1 - well, if you want to blast enemy properties clumped together or at high strength, this works. Just be sure to remember that reducing standard properties to 0 Strength this way become Ruined and you'd have to repair them to control them. Capitals and non-standard properties (besides Simple Airports which will become Plains) can't hit 0 Strength, but will still be susceptible to Infantry captures. (This is probably why it's so expensive to build. That way, the cheap captures are far harder to pull off.)
*Transport Plane - 2 - what can I say? Constructor transport (Constructors are %$&&#*$ slow on rough terrain), Combat Buggy-Transport Plane truck (this alone would have warranted the Transport Plane's ability to Load and Unload (GBW3 style at least) only from airports or roads), Battle Car delivery. The Transport Plane is versatile. Be careful, though: it's fragile.
*Supply Plane - 1 - refueling air units is always useful. Moreso in this game. The Supply Plane is around for overseas dogfights that get dragged out, causing the Fighters and Attackers to be too far from a Simple or regular Airport. (This is likely to happen in Lirebe Corridor (map 33).) NEVER have it near a developed dogfight or it will get shot down easily.
*Battle Helicopter - 1 promoted - the Battle Helicopter is actually more effective here than in any of the other installments in the series. Granted, it's slowed down by mountains, but it can actually smack AA Tanks (though it's still ill advised, the AA Tank still having enough ATK for a good counterattack), and rip apart most land units. Promoted, it's even more powerful, all the way to the point of being top-tier overpowered (not broken, just top-tier overpowered; it's still offed by air units), having javelin AT firepower that makes it a ridiculous threat against every land unit including AA Tanks.
*Anti-Sea Helicopter - 1 - doesn't seem useful, and certainly is a problem to use effectively due to most ships having all that AA ordinance. But the Anti-Sea Helicopter is certainly good for getting rid of Submarines (in fact, your only non-submarine answer to them in this game), and it can actually wreck navy ships or provide some good support power against them for Attackers to use. Just be sure to level it up, and as a tip for that, if you happen to see a Transport Truck S or Battle Car S, try to give the kill on it to this chopper. (The kill bonus jumps if the opposing unit's ATK rating is higher in combat. Both units have 22 Air ATK to the ASH's 16 Car ATK.)
*Transport Helicopter - 1 promoted - we already have two Tranpsort Planes. Why a Transport Helicopter? Simple: an infantry transport that can be Loaded like the Transport Truck and IFV. And when promoted, it can Load 2 Infantry, making up for the problem of having reduced Movement Power. It can also work as an extra combat unit.
*Aegis Warship - 2 - yep, defense demons are a natural choice, especially against air assaults. And the Aegis Warship has its own weapon to fight enemy Aegis Warships. Just keep Aegis Warships safe from submarines and don't Arrange them where enemy navy units can deep-six them in a hurry.
*Aircraft Carrier - 1 large, 1 small - Aircraft Carriers are actually far better here than in AWDS. They can't load *ALL* air units (Strategic Bombers, Transport Planes, and Supply Planes can't be Loaded), but a Loaded unit will get resupplied and repaired at 2 HPs per turn. Of course, the Large Aircraft Carrier has various advantages over the Small one--although the small one can move a bit faster.
*Lander - 2 - Landers are a MUST in navy operations. Without them, the stupid lack of a Battleship makes winning the navy war a bust. Fortunately, here, Landers can Load 3 units each, though Landers will also move slowly at 4 Movement Power. Just make sure to keep them away from Aegis Warships. As to what to Load in Landers, primarily worry about Armored units, starting with the stronger ones to retain a defense.
*Tanker - 1 - well, I don't know if you want to build a Tanker at all. It would have been useful for Submarines, but it can't resupply subs for some dumb reason. Definitely don't bother with more than one, as subsequent ones would just go to waste. Of course, without a Tanker, you have to use Harbors to resupply ships.
*Submarine - 2 + 1 promoted - yes, *DO NOT* promote more than one Submarine without a good enough reason. The regular Submarine is surprisingly far better for getting navy units than the Submarine S, all because of the range fire. Of course, you want a Submarine S around, if only for the Anti-City Missiles it has. Submarines can help eliminate naval cornering, but be sure to get that problem handled fast because Anti-Sea Helicopters are inexpensive and therefore easily built in response.

There we go.
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PostSubject: Re: I just tried this on emulator and here's what I think   

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I just tried this on emulator and here's what I think
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