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 The Cleft of Dimensions MUD

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PostSubject: The Cleft of Dimensions MUD   The Cleft of Dimensions MUD Icon_minitimeFri May 13, 2011 6:11 am

Click here to start playing now!

What is Cleft of Dimensions?

Cleft of Dimensions is a Multi-User Dungeon (MUD). MUDs are like MMOs, but there are no graphics; everything's in text, and you type commands like "go left" or "get slingshot" and "kill enemy". So it's like Zork, only with RPG Elements and other people.

So what's CoD got that other...uh...MUDs don't?

CoD uses settings and other elements from just about every classic video game (and a few not-video games) you can think of. For example, you can start in the town of Truce, from Chrono Trigger. You can go to the Cosmo Canyon from Final Fantasy 7, and find Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid who's helping Brock manage a Pokemon Gym, and you can fight Brock (or rather, his Pokemon). Playable races include Hylians, Reploids, Moogles, Saiyans, Espers, Koopas, Pumpkinheads, and if you're REALLY good, Kokiris.

If that just blew your mind, believe me, mine was too.

I made this thread because I am fascinated with this wonderful game. If you are too, don't hesitate to ask me for help, although I will list some helpful commands here:

help - brings up a help screen for .
unlock chest - unlocks chests. The game doesn't like "put key in hole" etc.
info - in a shop, this gives you more info about an item. Useful for armor.
value - in a shop, this tells you whether the shop keeper will buy it or not, and if so, for how much. By the way, 1 gold is 100 silver in this game. Keep that in mind if someone, say, asks for 300 silver and you don't have that many SILVER but...yeah.
target - in combat, this targets your attacks at . Sometimes enemies like to force you into attacking decoys. This command fixes that.

...By the way, "help" doesn't mean "free items".

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The Cleft of Dimensions MUD
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