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 Nick the Gambler (CO)

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PostSubject: Nick the Gambler (CO)   Nick the Gambler (CO) Icon_minitimeMon Apr 04, 2011 11:11 pm


Nick was once a hot shot gambler, his winning streak was said to be legendary of any casino player in the world! But on one faithful day, he played against some shady people from very high up in the military, and felt so confident that he bet his life into service if he lost. Things were looking up for ol' Nick, as he won most of the pot. But there was one player left, some blonde female commander dressed in purple.

The last play was made, and before Nick could see it coming, he lost not only his money and title, but his life was now the military's. Nick's unorthodox methods of somehow taking the risk and winning in many field exercises made him shoot up the ranks into a commanding officer, to which he saved up enough combat pay to buy back his freedom. After which he was never seen around the military again, until now.

He grew attached to the hardened and fast paced life as a combat officer and became a gun for hire, now he has pledged his alliance to a certain faction so long as he gets his payment at the end of the campaign.

Nick the Gambler (CO) COHit Gambling
Nick the Gambler (CO) COMiss Paying off gambling debts

Nick the Gambler (CO) Skill

All Units are at 100/100 with no real weaknesses. Nick's COP and SCOP however, are the keys to his wild, and unorthodox method of risking it all for the win. Nick's power meter fills quickly and his units do NOT gain the standard +10 Boost to ATK and DEF during either of his CO Powers.

Power Meter: Nick the Gambler (CO) SmallstarNick the Gambler (CO) SmallstarNick the Gambler (CO) SmallstarNick the Gambler (CO) SmallstarNick the Gambler (CO) BigstarNick the Gambler (CO) BigstarNick the Gambler (CO) BigstarNick the Gambler (CO) Bigstar

Nick the Gambler (CO) COP Joker's Wild!

All of Nick's Ground Units (With the exception of Transport and Infantry Units) will have the 50-50 chance of gaining +40 ATK or DEF, or losing -40 ATK or DEF.

(Note for COP - That if ATK is raised, DEF is lowered, and if DEF is raised, ATK is lowered. No unit will gain a boost or decline in BOTH stats, it's one or the other.)

Nick the Gambler (CO) SCOP Russian Roulette!

Every Unit with the exception of Transport Units have the individual chance at a 50-50 percent ratio to gain +60 or lose -60 in ATK or DEF, or both ATK and DEF. Every unit except Infantry and Transport gain +1 Movement and Vision Range.

(Note for SCOP - You have the chance here to decline in both ATK and DEF or gain in both ATK and DEF. Otherwise each individual unit will follow COP's effect.)


COP Quote: "Let's test my luck, shall we?"

SCOP Quote: "Luck be a lady tonight!"

Victory Quote: "Jackpot!"

Losing Quote: "What a drag..."

Nick the Gambler (CO) OnePieceWantedPosters
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Nick the Gambler (CO)
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