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 Map 1 (Hard Mode)

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Map 1 (Hard Mode) Empty
PostSubject: Map 1 (Hard Mode)   Map 1 (Hard Mode) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 23, 2010 2:40 pm

Alright!! This in the Hard mode as i Promise!!

Name: Beggining
Situation: Flak forces closing in!! Can you defeat him?

Map 1 (Hard Mode) Vs_1_b12

to prevent the lack of clarity about the unit, click below (sorry if my english is not good)
in those picture, the buildings become transparent, so you can clearly see that the unit should be in this map

Orange Star CO: Andy
Black Hole CO : Flak

You play Orange Star

Weather: Clear
Funds: 1000
Turn: Off
Capt: Off
Power: On

You Lose If:
All of your units Have been Routed

Challenge: Beat This map in Day 6!!

Note: This Map is very hard!!!!!! you must be careful in playing this map!!
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Map 1 (Hard Mode)
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