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 Anyone here play Rondo of Swords for DS?

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Rebel Yell

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PostSubject: Anyone here play Rondo of Swords for DS?   Sun Feb 21, 2010 6:06 pm

I find it to be a nice strategy game that does things differently than the usual game-play mechanics in most strategy games, but I also find it a bit harder in difficulty and rather confusing at times.

Anyway! If anyone here plays this game, can someone help me out? I'm stuck in a desert level where I have to take over this large fortress, and I keep getting my ass handed to me no matter what I do.

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Battle Copter

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PostSubject: Re: Anyone here play Rondo of Swords for DS?   Sun Feb 21, 2010 6:49 pm

I've played Rondo of Swords before. It's a bit tricky to get into because it's completely different from AW and FE. I think it's a good game though.

Also, I hear there's a way to defeat EVERY enemy on the first chapter. Wonder if anyone here has figured that one out...

See also:
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Master Knight DH

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PostSubject: Re: Anyone here play Rondo of Swords for DS?   Mon Feb 22, 2010 5:58 am

I have and I can beat Tutorial 10 on my own now. It just involves making good use of the Wasteland. I'd have a video up if recording wasn't such a pain. (I only have the game on emulation.)

I'm going to provide the solution, which will be set to color black since it's a spoiler:

*Turn 1:
-Serdic moves 1W,1S
-Igraine uses either spell (doesn't matter which, unless you already moved Serdic, in which case don't use Yumil Magna or you'll hit him; use Seven Menace instead) on the enemy to the south
-My note: for some reason, the guy doesn't try to move through both Serdic and Igraine, even though he could. The AI clearly fears that Serdic may counterattack, but it's not a 100% chance.
*Turn 2:
-Serdic moves 4N
-Igraine moves 1N,1W
-My reasoning: if you don't notice, Igraine moves onto Wasteland, which requires 3 Movement to move onto. This means that she is hard to attack, and she still remains close to the back enemies. This is what you want because of that freaking Archer who has his ridiculous range.
*Turn 3:
-Igraine uses either spell (doesn't matter which) on the enemy 1E of her.
-Serdic moves 3S,2W
-My reasoning: this gets rid of the armor guys and puts Serdic in a position where the mounted guy can't get at him while putting him in range of the archer, which is where you want him so that he won't target Igraine and OHK her.
*Turn 4:
-Serdic uses Revitalize
-Igraine moves 1S,2E
-My reasoning: Igraine is moved onto another Wasteland tile, one that is directly north of yet another one. The mounted guy already has to use all of his Movement to get on the tile, so he won't be able to attack Igraine. As for Serdic, again, he should be shot by the archer.
*Turn 5 (mounted guy moves to 3S of Igraine):
-Serdic moves 2W
-Igraine uses Seven Menace on archer
-My reasoning: SM will OHK the Archer. Serdic's move will keep Igraine from being attacked by the mounted guy, and Serdic will survive the attack. From that point, you should have this in the bag. Just kill the mounted guy if he tries attacking and stay out of the same row and column as the War Mage.

Hmm, I should get to making progress on it. As soon as I can get past DeSmuME's BS of being slow even when NOT recording.

As for defeating every enemy on the first chapter, it involves Serdic's Overbreak and mechanics abuse. You can also delay triggering Gauss's appearance, as well as Ernest's. The mages, just keep them at bay by threatening them with Kay (the horse rider) and avoid being on the same diagonal as any of them.

And you want to know something? The Route Maneuver system is something that more strategy games could use. In AW, infantry would no longer be a problem because they would be weakened with a Route Maneuvered unit and then the stuff in the back could be hit hard. Indirects would have to be buffed to be viable, but that's fine by me, they need to be buffed to survive in an environment where meatwalling isn't so broken. Rondo of Swords wouldn't have to be the ONLY strategy game that makes of it, just the one that revolutionizes the genre.
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Master Knight DH

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PostSubject: Re: Anyone here play Rondo of Swords for DS?   Fri Mar 19, 2010 8:18 am

Here's how I think each unit in the NW series would be affected by Route Maneuvering assuming route attacks add on 4 terrain stars to both units:

*Infantry - 3 Movement Power isn't a lot, and the Infantry lacks any offensive or defensive power, eliminating their meatshield ability
*Mech - can't really route-attack due to only 2 Movement Power, but could discourage route-attacks from vehicles
*Bike - would smack a few infantry, but ideally would have God awful defense that would make them completely susceptible to route-counters
*Constructor - 5 Movement Power and bad Movement Type, not to mention limited combat ability
*Supply Truck - useless for combat
*Convoy - high movement, but limited combat ability
*Recon (assuming GBW3's unit group handling) - great for smacking infantry swarms, bad for meatshielding or lengthened harassment
*Buggy - same as Recon, except if it gets moving with range 2 fire, it can't even route-attack
*Humvee - route-attacking loses much needed damage dealing and leaves Humvee susceptible to much unwanted route-countering
*Anti-Tank (assuming GBW3's unit group handling and lower cost for balance) - indirect, not going to route-attack
*Light Tank - armor would prevent counterdamage from being an issue
*MB Tank - much needed to escape infantry swarming
*Battlestation/War Tank/Heavy Tank - ditto
*AA Tank - infantry shredding FTW
*Artillery/Rocket Launcher/AA Artillery/AA Missile Launcher - can't route-attack, also gets torn up by route-attacks themselves
*Flare - not much movement but still decent for emergency escapes from infantry while also hammering them
*APC (assuming it gets a machine gun) - not too bad for fending off infantry swarms
*IFV (assuming Movement Power nerf for balance) - no it will not get to route-attack many units, though it may be a rough unit to deal with
*Fighter - no its 9 Movement Power will not let it do anything to land units, but it can ruin an air force
*Light Fighter - no it will not do much to land units, but it can smack an air force
*Interceptor - no it will not be able to route-attack, it's a freaking indirect
*Attacker - route-attacks would be considerably weaker and the Attacker would still take heavy counter-damage
*Light Attacker - ditto
*Bomber - anybody ordered massacred land units?
*Strategic Bomber - no it will not be able to route-attack
*Transport Plane and Supply Plane - both non-combat units
*Battle Helicopter - another Glass Cannon that will not be good with route-attacks
*Anti-Submarine Helicopter - ditto
*Transport Helicopter (assuming it gets machine gun) - still won't do much with route-attacks

Not too sure about the sea units. Navy would still have to be expanded. And I think Submarines would have to lose their invisibility ability (but not their selective immunity to most units) or else things would get complicated fast.
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PostSubject: Re: Anyone here play Rondo of Swords for DS?   

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Anyone here play Rondo of Swords for DS?
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