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 Final Fantasy Tactics + Advance + A2 Challenges.

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Final Fantasy Tactics + Advance + A2 Challenges. Empty
PostSubject: Final Fantasy Tactics + Advance + A2 Challenges.   Final Fantasy Tactics + Advance + A2 Challenges. Icon_minitimeSat Jan 30, 2010 7:50 am

Basically, We post challenges here. Heres the rules.

1. Choose a race. (Moogle, Human, Viera, Bangaa, Nu'Mou.)
2. Choose how many characters (2-6)
3. Choose an enemy (Totema, Random battle or specific battle.)
4. Choose your restrictions. (No use of Class, Only using set class, Set up laws, Only certain spells.)
5. Choose the person you want to give the challenge too.
6. Specify which game. (Tactics, Advance or A2)
7. Enjoy!

If you're interested, Sign up! I'd sign up, But Im leaving town tomorrow for a week or so and won't be back until next saturday or the saturday after.
>_< Sorry guys. But still! Sign up!
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Final Fantasy Tactics + Advance + A2 Challenges.
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