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 About my YouTube bulletin.

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PostSubject: About my YouTube bulletin.   Sun Feb 01, 2009 1:11 pm

For those who read it, those here don't have to read it whatsoever, let alone accept the challenge. It's actually aimed at certain other people. What is going on is that Smashboards finds Olimar VS Peach to be at 30-70 Peach's favor. But we know Smashboards is so credible that it finds a close-range fighter to be broken because fighting him effectively apparently requires WTFH4X evasion that they already must have if they can, somehow effortlessly, beat Pit's arrows.

Of course, in case Peach DOES tear apart Olimar, I'll let the opponent start at 20%, and since I don't abuse Pikmin Throw, which Smashboards expects from Olimar players, I will have the damage gauges off. The stage will be Battlefield, and items are, of course, highly frowned upon at best. Preferably all off.
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About my YouTube bulletin.
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