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 Custom tutorial map(s).

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Master Knight DH
Master Knight DH

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Custom tutorial map(s). Empty
PostSubject: Custom tutorial map(s).   Custom tutorial map(s). Icon_minitimeTue Jan 13, 2009 10:08 pm

Thought I'd handle a certain something. Let's start with something (hopefully) simple.

Mission details:
The Blue Moon army is chasing a group of new unit builders, wanting to stop them from alerting the Red Star forces about their ambush strategy that is planned to be executed soon. The new unit builders must get past Blue Moon's border guards and to Red Star forces ASAP.


P = Plains
M = Mountain
H = Red Star HQ/Capital

*Red Star:
-Humvee at 2, 4
-Buggy * 2 at 3, 4 and 4, 4
*Blue Moon:
-Infantry at 8, 3
-Rocket Launcher at 8, 5

*Victory conditions:
-Get at least one unit to the Red Star HQ (at 9, 4)
*Survive conditions:
-Clear within 1 Day
-(At least one unit survives)

*Some notes (yeah, you don't think it would be that simple to move the Humvee from 2, 4 to 9, 4):
-The Blue Moon units both generate a Zone of Control upon all 3 Red Star units. (Infantry won't generate it upon armored stuff, though.) Any of the three 3 units may move onto 8, 4 if possible, but has to end its current Movement there if they do.
-Second Move allows a unit to move again directly after attacking using any remaining Movement Power. However, it can't be used to get to spaces blocked by any ZoC that are generated by enemy units except the attacked unit if you destroyed it. (It can be used to escape ZoC though.)
-Okay, so in case you need the stats, first, Movement: Buggy has 8 Movement Power, Second Move, and 2 Range but can move and attack without mobility penalty. Movement Costs are 3/2 on Plains and 7/2 on Mountains. Humvee has 7 Movement Power, Second Move, 1 Range with both weapons, Movement Costs of 1 on Plains and 7/2 on Mountains.
-And now combat:

UnitAttack (light)Attack (heavy)Defense (light)Defense (heavy)
Rocket Launcher24241616

-Rocket Launcher's attacking ability is irrelevent right now, since Ending Turn amounts to surrendering. But it's the sole "heavy" unit on the map. The other units are considered "light."
-Current damage formula in sub HPs (no luck damage, and if you want it badly enough, automatically set it to 0 here anyway): Attacker's ATK * (100 - (Defender's HP * Defender's terrain modifier)) * 50 / (Defender's DEF * 100)

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Battle Copter

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Custom tutorial map(s). Empty
PostSubject: Re: Custom tutorial map(s).   Custom tutorial map(s). Icon_minitimeTue Jan 13, 2009 10:51 pm

In case you need a better visual:

Custom tutorial map(s). Tutorial

This is cool stuff. Maybe we should have a section on puzzle maps...

Oh, and I know the answer. Rolling Eyes

See also:
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Custom tutorial map(s).
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