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 Stat ranking my Brawl mains.

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PostSubject: Stat ranking my Brawl mains.   Wed Dec 10, 2008 9:55 am

Well, I thought I'd stat-rank my Brawl mains. Please bear in mind that while I have played Pikmin, Earthbound, the Kirby games, Kid Icarus, and the DKC series, these stat rankings may still be off.

Oh, I'm using a set of stats I would want to work with for a little something I want to handle in the future, so here's a list first, and I'm aware unwanted complexities may arise but I can make the influence of stats that may do that small to the point where D rank or maybe even E rank is going to be sufficient for standard players.

Stat names:
*HTH - Health (HP, basically) - endurance against attacks
*NRG - Energy (limits amount of combat in a small time frame) - ability to fight consistently
*SPR - Spirit (MP, except for just white magic) - morale
*MNA - Mana (MP, except for just black magic) - magic/special ability
*STR - Strength (physical attack power) - muscle power
*VIT - Vitality (physical defense power) - ability to handle physical combat
*INT - Intelligence (magic attack power) - planning potential
*VIR - Virtue (magic defense power) - sense of virtue
*MOV - Movement (mobility) - movement speed
*SPD - Speed (physical action speed) - attack speed
*WIT - Wit (special action speed) - thinking speed
*RCT - Reaction (response time) - reaction speed
*DEX - Dexterity (skill stat, basically) - hand technique
*BAL - Balance (recovery from KB) - body balance
*WIS - Wisdom (Spirit/Mana saver) - effectiveness of ability usage
*PRS - Pressure (ability to shake off attack pressuring) - ability to adapt


-Kirby and Pit's Movement takes into account the flying. I believe that warrants a full extra rank. So Kirby would get B rank and Pit C rank.
-CF's stats are probably inaccuracy city. It was hard to decide which besides Mana would get bad ranks. And besides, Captain Falcon already deserve S in Speed at least for the mere fact that he's an F-Zero racer going strong in that competition. Bear that in mind as well as the general potential inaccuracy of my stat ranking before providing criticism.
-Ice Climbers's Health accounts for the 2 of them, which results in 2 extra ranks, so they would have D Rank individually. The other stats, however, involve the individual ICs.

If you're going to stat-rank, make sure the sum of rank values is 0 or negative, with a B rank being +1, an A Rank being +2, a D rank being -1, an E Rank being -2, and a C rank being 0. There's also S and F ranks, but S ranks counts as +4 and F ranks as -4.
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Battle Copter

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PostSubject: Re: Stat ranking my Brawl mains.   Tue Jan 13, 2009 10:16 pm

You should do all the charcters when you get a chance.

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Stat ranking my Brawl mains.
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