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 You can't be serious. (SSBB issues.)

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PostSubject: You can't be serious. (SSBB issues.)   Tue Nov 04, 2008 2:53 am

I find it amazing that Snake could be regarded as an Easy Mode Character but not Pit. Really, it just shows them to be comformists and I like that just like I like that trait in girls. Okay, enough sarcasm, let's tear the logic up.

Well, first, Pit. How does he not qualify as an EMC? That's just stupid. Arrow spam is more than enough to warrant him an entry on the page. And I know Pit is an archer, but could HAL at least have put in some effort to make his arrows do something more special in return for any early KB? Really, at best, early KB from Pit's arrows is only balanced the same way Double Dragon 3's 1 life workings was. Want a comparison? Let's look at Ness, who in the original SSB was the designated projectile user. And he couldn't make your life miserable with projectiles. His PSI Fire could be jumped over, because it just fired straight, and only at a close range. PSI Flash in Melee and Brawl is telegraphed. And PSI Thunder has to be controlled directly, with the PSI Thunder Missile being even harder to set up right. The PSI Thunder itself was slow so it could be evaded, and more importantly, you didn't HAVE TO ROLL TO GET NESS! YOU HAVE TO ROLL THROUGH PIT'S ARROWS IF YOU HOPE TO APPROACH HIM! EVEN THEN, PIT CAN JUST HOLD AN ARROW IN CHARGING IF HE NEEDS TO! Really, he destroys at least 2/3 of the cast, borders on destroying several more still, and is still workable against the rest except.......Game & Watch. Yeah, he's another issue altogether. His kill ranges have been rather low for a guy who can smack you around in melee range, but his Down B destroys the arrow spam. Throw one projectile and he can use the bucket--which even with one projectile CAN KILL BELOW FIFTY PERCENT! I'M NOT JOKING! YOU CAN'T EVEN REACT TO IT, IT'S TOO FAST! BY THE TIME YOU REALIZE WHAT HAPPENED, YOU HIT THE BOUNDARY AND DIE! So yeah, G&W hinges on deserving to be banned. It's Pit himself we're talking about, just like it would be Grit himself we would be talking about if we said Sturm counters Grit. G&W's OPness raping Pit doesn't make Pit less OP/broken.

You think that's bad, well, it gets worse: Snake's tier position in the first place. Seriously, he ****ing telegraphs his moves, including his long range stuff. What's that? His tilts are disjointed? Oh, right, I'm going to be close to him when I can just space and wait for an opening. Because he's going to make one sooner or later. How did he get to top tier again? Oh, right, because he has an advantage on Meta Knight.....wait. META KNIGHT?!?!? META KNIGHT IS A SPEEDSTER! *HE* SHOULD BE TEARING SNAKE'S TELEGRAPHING UP! GD TOURNEY***S CAN'T EVEN DO THEIR JOBS RIGHT!

I just......I don't get it. How the ****? I mean, what the heck? ..........I mean.....I-I.......I don', forget it.

Don't get me started on the flame arguments in the discussion page. I'm called an idiot like they don't walk into Snake's F-Smash.

Addendum (10:55 PM): Oh God, the arrow spam was even used against a Meta Knight:

Well, at least to that Pit's credit he didn't go overboard with it. But if anything, it proves my point.
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You can't be serious. (SSBB issues.)
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