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 Leon Scott Kennedy (CO)

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PostSubject: Leon Scott Kennedy (CO)   Leon Scott Kennedy (CO) Icon_minitimeSun Mar 30, 2008 12:31 am

Done out of boredom. Probably sucks though.
Leon Scott Kennedy (CO) LeonScottKennedy
CO Info
The Resident Evil 4 Character On A Mission To Save The President's Daughter from Black Hole.
How Black Hole Got to America from the World Wars is beyond me.

Leon Scott Kennedy (CO) COHit Doing His Job
Leon Scott Kennedy (CO) COMiss Failing his mission.

Leon Scott Kennedy (CO) Skill
His units get a 10/10 boost because of the determination Leon shows to his units that he'll always complete his mission.

Power Bar: Leon Scott Kennedy (CO) SmallstarLeon Scott Kennedy (CO) SmallstarLeon Scott Kennedy (CO) BigstarLeon Scott Kennedy (CO) BigstarLeon Scott Kennedy (CO) Bigstar

Leon Scott Kennedy (CO) COP Knife Tactics
Leon's swings his knife and does one damage to every enemy on the board. Regardless All units get a 10/10 boost.

Leon Scott Kennedy (CO) SCOP Gun Tactics
Deals two damage to each enemy on the board and raises the power and defence of his own units by 30/20

Quote: ASHLY!
I must not fail.
The Faith of the world is in my hands.

Advance Wars Kicks Ass!
My Name Is Shifty,
Hear It And Tremble!
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Leon Scott Kennedy (CO)
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